Teacup Yorkie Dog Breed Information and Personality Traits

Teacup Yorkie

Teacup Yorkie, welcome to the Teacup Puppies World! First and foremost, always remember that these Baby Teacups are not easy to handle if you do not put a great effort into them. To raise a healthy dog, you must make intensive care and love in their growing stage. Above all, these Yorkies are the smaller version of the Yorkshire Terriers. Anyhow, they were not famous at the beginning of their breed, but somehow now these Teacup Yorkies have a prominent place in the market.

At the same time, they are loved by so many kids and people. The main purpose of breeding the Puppy Yorkies was to hunt the rodents and runts in England during the period of the 1870s. Because these rodents made a huge negative impact on society at that time. So, soon after that, the Yorkies became a fashion icon in the textile factories and coal mines.

In 1880, Teacup Yorkie Puppies were introduced to the Americans. After these puppies got to know everybody, they became very famous. With that, the Yorkies are one of the popular breeds so far. Thereafter, they are well recognized by the American Kennel Club. As you continue to read this article until the end, you will get a thorough knowledge of these Teacup Puppies. Moreover, if you are about to buy a Teacup Yorkie you will surely get all the verified information through this article. Feeding process, exercising, health issues and the method of handling them are all taught simply. It means you are in the ideal place to buy Cute and Small Puppy.

Teacup Yorkie

The Size and Appearance of this puppy

Yes, you are right! The Baby Teacup Yorkie is fit for a Teacup. It’s the same size you’ve imagined before. The skull of these kinds of Puppies possesses a round skull with medium-sized eyes and a cute black button nose. Their ears have a V-Shape which stands upright at the top of their head. The legs are short and the tail has a medium length.

Weight, Height, Colour, and Coat of the Teacup Yorkie

A fully grown Teacup Yorkie weighs around 2-4 lbs. When considering their height, it has a range of 5-7 inches.  The colors differ from puppy to puppy. But, still, there are some common colors with them such as Blue and Tan, Blue and Gold, Black and Tan and Black and Gold. The coat of Teacup Yorkie is silky, fine, and glossy. In addition to that, the coat of the Yorkie can be trimmed to get a neat look. There is hair on the top of their head. So there are 2 choices for you, either you can cut them or put 1 or 2 ponytails. Braiding their hair will be a nice idea. So make fun out of their cute appearances. However, they are hypoallergenic.

The Temperament and Personality

Although these Yorkies tend to be smaller in size, they have a good personality. To sum up, they are very confident, affectionate, and sprightly. Furthermore, these Cute Yorkies are very well known for their demanding traits. However, they need a lot of attention and also they are very cautious about strangers approaching their premises. Another thing to remember is, you must not leave them alone for too long. If you do so, they will be anxious. Actions of anxiety would be seen in them once you come home after 4-5 hours. Always try to take this Teacup Puppy when traveling long distances. It is very easy to carry them because you do not need a spacious area. Even your pocket fits the Puppy.

Sometimes they have mischievous acts, but those acts will surely make you laugh as they are very cute. Hunting small animals is in their genes, they are doing well in it. Once they see a small animal, for example, lizards, small birds, butterflies, spiders the puppy will start barking at them and try to catch them. It is also proved that they love their voice, so for this, they try to bark every time. Fortunately, the process of barking can even be trained. So it will not bark every time.

What are the health conditions of these Small Yorkie?

You can also consult professional training if you need to train them, but it depends. Like the normal dogs, the Teacup Yorkies always welcome you at the doorstep. For some minutes, they will follow you by wagging their tail. Despite the minor mistakes the Yorkie Dogs possess, they will always be devoted to you and your family. As small children, these Teacup Puppies also need attention. But for sure, the puppies will entertain you. They will never let you be bored. Spending time lazily is not a feature of them.

Some more details about this puppy

Before you bring the Yorkie Puppy home, make the relevant space needed for him. Have a separate room for him, it is like this. Make the Puppy a cozy bed which keeps him warm. Also, the bed should be convenient for the puppy to get in and out of it. They could get nervous in the new environment at first. It will take a small time for it to adjust to the new surroundings.  You should let this Teacup Yorkie feel that it is safe and has love.

Unfortunately, the little Teacup Yorkies are not recommended for houses with small children. Because the kids can make a mess with them. Always keep in mind to feed him regularly, as they are not used for the daily 3 meals. They need more than that. But eat in small sizes. Several health issues will arise with them, so you have to consult a vet every month, whether there is a disease or not. Their life span depends on the way you treat it. So be mindful of everything that occurs with the Puppy. Eventually, if you take proper care of them, they will live at least for 13 years. Now you got a clear idea about the Teacup Yorkies. So take measures to raise a Cute Teacup Yorkie!

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