Teacup Pug – Interesting And Unknown Facts About This small Dog

Teacup Pug

Hey, you are at the ideal place to know everything about Teacup Pugs. Thanks for stopping at our article and checking us. So, first of all we have to say that now you do not have to go for other sites to read about Teacup Pug. Everything is included here.  You will surely love a little Teacup Pug after you read the entire article. Apart from this, all your questions will be answered here.

These little Teacup Pugs are pocket-sized pugs. They weigh around 3-10 lbs. The lifespan of the Pug dogs is 6-10 years. Although they are small in size they seem a little bit muscular. The coat of these little pugs is double layered and short. Most probably these little teacup Pugs are set to a Teacup Cup. Therefore the advantage in this is that the owners can commute with them. Well, let us go deep and see more about them.

Teacup pug

Overview of Teacup Pug Puppies

The Teacup Pugs originated in China. Various coat colors are present in them such as Brindle, Grey, Silver, White, Black, and Fawn. And the features of them are somewhat unique when compared to the other Dogs. Normally they possess spirited, social, responsive, pleasant, playful, outgoing, friendly, and devoted temperament. The most attractive thing in them is they are very friendly with children.  Fortunately, if you have kids at home you are very lucky, because these Pug love to spend their time with kids.

How about the intelligence level of Pugs? That is extremely high. They learn things very quickly. You have to train these little puppies at a very young stage because you will not be able to train them once they grow up. They are very easy to train, one thing is that they are very active. So they get used to training very soon. In addition, these Pugs are very loyal to the very first owners.


The appearance of Teacup Pug

As mentioned above, these Pugs are mini muscular puppies.  The face of this Teacup Pug is heavily wrinkled and the face is flattened. The nose and other parts of the face are black in color. And the nose is a little bit bigger than the rest. The furrowed brow on his face might look somewhat furious. But they are not that cruel. Sometimes they can be cruel to strangers. Despite that, they are very lovely and friendly creatures. The head of Pugs are round in shape and the ears fall backward.


How to care the Pugs

Normally dogs are playful. So even this Teacup Pugs are playful too. The need to exercise is high. They are addicted to games and exercising. They love to show off their activeness. At least a 30 minutes exercise is essential for them.  So leave some of your time to exercise with Pug. This activity does not only benefit the dog, but it also benefits you as well. Therefore, remember to separate your time to do this activity as well.


Things to know about the Food of Teacup Pugs

The Teacup Pugs are very highly active dogs. So the owner has to be very careful about the nutrients you supply. It should contain the necessary nutrients. The food should be rich with protein. Unless just feeding is not enough. For a day, Pug should eat 600-1400 calories. Meat is a prominent food for them and it should be fed at least 2 times a day. By the way, meat should be their main food. If you are vegetarian, you have to think twice before adopting them.

The percentage of the food should be like this; 30% of starch, 40% of meat and 30% of vegetables. With that, add some dog supplements. Now I am here to tell you the mixture of the food mixture. The food should consist of coat care nutrients, skincare nutrients, and maximum nutritional value with a low calorie.  But the meals of the Teacup Pug differ from age to age. You should know how to feed them according to their age. It is like this:

Some more details about this puppy

In the months of 1-3, Teacup Pug puppy should be fed 3-4 meals a day. This should include ¼ cups of dry food and ½ cups of wet food. And at the age of 3-6 months, Teacup Pug should have 3 meals per day. And it is essential. It includes ¼ cups of the best quality of food. Moreover, within 8-12 months of age, the dog should be fed with 3 meals per day and it includes 1/3 of the quality food. And once Pug reaches 12 months it should be fed with 1-2 meals. These are the simple methods of feeding the dog.

The best kinds of food for Pugs are Spinach, Broccoli, Parsley, Kale, Sardines, Carrots, Sweet Potatoes, Green Beans, Peas, Brown Rice and meats (beef, chicken, lamb, and fish)

What are the foods that should be avoided?

The owner of Teacup Pug should know to avoid butter and salt food. And also avoid nuts, almonds, raisins, currants, and grapes. You should be careful when keeping coffee and chocolate. Because these Teacup Pugs might try to eat them without your conscious. You must keep in mind to avoid them. At the same time there is some unsafe food for them such as raw potatoes, green tomatoes, mushrooms, and garlic. Canned food should also be avoided. Therefore be careful when feeding

It is not easy handling a Teacup Pug. But if you follow the necessary guidelines in maintaining a Pug, you will definitely raise a healthy dog. Nothing is impossible, even in the word impossible there is positive thought saying I am possible. Try out a new experience by raising a puppy. Your life will be entirely altered because love will begin to surround you and the rest of your family. Nurture a Teacup Pug and enjoy your life to the fullest.

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