Teacup Pomsky The Real Information, You Can’t Afford to Miss

Teacup Pomsky

Teacup Pomsky are a crossbreed of the Husky and Pomeranian Dog. They look like the smaller versions of the Pomeranian or Husky. Basically, they have fur in their body. You will begin to love these types of dogs at a glance. As most of the people and kids love to have fur dogs, these Teacup Pomsky are the best dogs to adopt.  For sure, they will be by your side every time.  At the same time, they are very energetic, cheerful and playful. Most probably the Teacup Pomsky are used to living in apartments. They weigh around 3 to 8 ponds, therefore you can carry them anywhere. The height is about 10 inches tall. One main thing about them is, unlike the other dogs, they do not need a large area to play. They can play in a small area. Lots of exercises are not needed for them.

Furthermore, these Teacup Pomsky are very intelligent dogs. They can easily catch up with things when well trained. Several Teacup Pomskies are inherited with the stubbornness of Pomeranians. To add up that stubbornness they also have leadership skills with a calm approach.

Teacup Pomskies

The variety of Pomsky

The fluffy coat of the teacup Pomsky comes in various colors. But there will be a slight change between them due to the mixed genes. One of the famous colors it has is the colour of a Husky. It will make them look like a real Husky of the smaller version. The other colours which come out of them are wolf sable, cream, tan and black, white and black, black, grey and white in colour.

The Teacup Puppies quickly adapt to the surroundings and become friendly with the owners.  And you also do not have to care about the climate you live in because these puppies are adaptable to any climate. Having a fluffy coat is a great benefit for them because they can handle even the extreme cold.  Apart from that, the original Huskies are adapted to cold weather, as it was their origin.

The ground is not needed to play for them, because they need just a small place to play. That is why they are adapted to apartments. Even though they live in apartments, they are also comfortable for larger houses. Teacup Pomsky are well behaved around the families, people, and kids once they are socialized.  And when they begin to grow, they will definitely become loyal and protect your family.

Facts you need to know about the Pomsky

As we mentioned above the Teacup Pomsky are a crossbreed between the Husky and the Pomeranian. The name itself is a combination of both the Pomeranian and Husky.   The owners of  Teacup Pomsky should not play roughly with them. And also they should make their kids aware of this dog. They cannot be handled roughly, because they suffer fractures and dismiss their places as they are too small. These actions might cause health problems and extreme pain. If you do not care properly, even death can occur.

By the way, Teacup Pomsky is identified by several other names too such as Toy Pomsky, Miniature Pomsky, Pocket Pomsky, Toy Pomeranian, and Teddy Bear Pomeranian.

How much is a Teacup Pomsky

Usually, Teacup Pomsky’s minimum price is $500. And the maximum price is $5000. A purebred puppy will have a high cost while half-bred puppies cost half of it. You must be very careful when buying a Teacup Pomsky, because some sellers might sell half-bred to higher prices, telling that they are from pure breeds.  Therefore make sure you buy the dog from a trusted and respected breeder.

Things to know before buying a Pomsky

So, as we all love to play with dogs, you should pay more attention when playing with the Teacup Puppies. And also learn to handle them carefully.  Now I am going to tell you how to schedule the exercises of Teacup Puppy. First, you must practice the dog to take a 20 minutes’ walk every morning. And in the afternoon, the walk should be more than 20 minutes. When the walk session is over, you can have 1 or 2 play sessions a day. This is the thing which must be handled very carefully.

As I said above, if you have small kids, do not let them touch or pinch them, as these dogs are very sensitive. Do not let these puppies jump from tables or chairs. They might try to do so, therefore you must prevent it from doing those things. When it comes to the feeding process, it is somewhat complex. This differs from dog to dog. Like normal dogs, they cannot be fed 3 times a day. The Teacup Pomsky need to be fed regularly. Sometimes they might also eat 4 times a day, but often they eat more than that.

What are the other things you need to know about Teacup Pomsky?

Some people are neglecting the training of these small dogs. The Pomsky Teacup should be trained at a very small age, when it is done properly, the dog will learn to behave well in front of anybody. However, if you do know how to train the Pomsky, you can take professional help as well.

These dogs tend to be active puppies. So, you have to be sure whether they had their exercises every day.  Daily walks are expected by these dogs every day. Therefore, do not break their hearts by not keeping in touch with them.

Besides the plenty of exercises they take, the dog itself needs mental stimulation.  They are very intelligent dogs, so train them with small games that make use of their brains. Moreover, you can use dog toys to play with them. While you know everything about them, you will also have to know when they are sad. So how do you recognize the dog is sad? It is measured through excessive barking and chewing.  As always, look after the Teacup Pomsky Puppy twice as a normal dog. Have fun!

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