Teacup Pekingese – Which Cross Will Be Your New Best Friend?

Teacup Pekingese

Yes, you are at the right place to get all the information about Teacup Pekingese. Actually these Teacup Puppies are really fit for a Teacup. Even they fit your palm. From the ancestors, these Pekingese puppies are meant to be very bold, loyal, and independent.  Most of the celebrities are in love with them because the main reason is they are very easy to carry.

At the same time, these cute puppies are fit to raise in apartments, as they require very little space.  So, now let us discover the origin of Teacup Pekingese; anyhow breeding such small dogs is a risk. Basically there are 3 common methods. The first method is from mixing a smaller breed. The second is by introducing a gene of the dwarfism and eventually by breeding repeatedly from the smaller dogs. Let us discuss everything about them in detail. Continue to read to get more information.

Teacup Pekingese

Health problems of this small puppy

Most probably these Teacup Pekingese are prone to the disease called Degenerative Mitral Valve disease. But this affects almost only one-third of the little dogs. What are the other types of diseases Teacup Pekingese suffer? Heart diseases are also a common problem connected with them, but if you are able to recognize that in an earlier stage, you will win. But also remember that heart diseases are the leading cause of death. Although many people try to prove several diseases of these Little dogs, they are healthy dogs if cared properly.

So not only those 2 diseases but the Intervertebral Disc Disease is also a disease that is common on them. In the beginning, the owner does not care much about that, Pekingese will be paralyzed. So take the necessary actions before anything severe happens. Another aspect of the diseases is, due to the floppy ears of the cute Teacup Pekingese there might arise ear problems. At a glance, this might not look serious. Anyhow if you fail to diagnose it at an early stage, it might lead to loss of hearing and affect other internal problems. These are the very few health issues confronting a Teacup Pekingese.


Origin of Pekingese

From the start, Teacup Pekingese had a prominent place.  They were owned by the royalties. So, origin begins in China. To sum up, with more nicknames, these little dogs were also called Sleeve dogs. Do you know why they were called so? The leading reason for them to be called as Sleeve dogs were because they were sometimes carried in voluminous sleeves of the Royal attire. Isn’t this something to be proud enough! I hope the dogs were proud. For sure these little puppies would lack nothing. And they were treated with the best products.

Until the 19th century, Pekingese were not much famous. After some time, one of the little puppies was presented to Queen Victoria. Due to this reason, they became world-famous.  This has become the main cause for Pekingese to become well known.


Features of  Pekingese

Now as we know a little bit about these Teacup dogs, let us discover the size of the Teacup Pekingese. Normally they have a height of about 6-9 inches. So compared to the other dogs, these little dogs are somewhat heavy which weighs around 14 pounds.  So when breeding, they can also be bred to even smaller sizes. The coat is long and straight. And underneath the coat of Pekingese is very thick and soft.

The look of these Teacup Pekingese is similar to a lion. When compared to the other breeds of Puppies, these little Pekingese have a short skull which brings out a flat face.  The eyes are large and bulging and the ears with the shape of a heart hang on the sides. However, they possess a sporty look with a muscular body.


Dieting of  Pekingese Puppy

Most probably, the Teacup Pekingese are subjected to obesity. So when feeding, the number of meals should be monitored thoroughly. If not, the dog may suffer from diarrhea. The meals should be provided at preferred times. The owner must make a special timetable to feed the dog, you must not feed always. There is a specific time. Basically the food should be given 4 or 5 times a day. Also, the amount should not be exceeded. Because Pekingese puppies will eat any amount.

Providing too much sweet food is not good for them. Even not feeding them with sweet food is also good. But they might love to eat chocolates as well. The main reason behind this is, these cute dogs are prone to several dental problems. With these problems, they might stop eating. Therefore you should be aware of the food that is given to the dog. The habit brushing their teeth thrice a day is vital. It is also compulsory. Then there will be fewer or no issues regarding dental problems.

Exercising facts of the little Pekingese

Exercising is a very important part of them. Always remember that if the climate is too cold or hot, do not take the little teacup Pekingese out. Let it play inside. But a daily walk with them is necessary. This activity helps a lot in them such as preventing obesity and leveling their fitness. After all, Pekingese might be a bit fierce. Due to this characteristic, the owner will not be able to train the dog when it grows up. Therefore, it is essential to train all the habits at least up to a certain level, in the younger stage.

Still, even in the younger stage of these dogs, if you are unable to train consult a professional trainer. Then for sure, the necessary training would lessen the fierceness up to a certain level. Above all the socialization is important to the dog. If you do not allow to socialize with the other humans and dogs, Pekingese will not be able to sort out who is a stranger and who is not. So I recommend, before having the mind to adopt a teacup Pekingese, brush up your knowledge concerning all the details about this puppy. It will be a wonderful time if you follow the proper guides in maintaining the cute teacup Pekingese.

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