Teacup Maltese Dog Breed: Tips for Taking Care of Cute Maltese

Teacup Maltese

Teacup Maltese, Woof Woof Woof! Are you fond of this sound? We know it is an absolutely ‘’Yes’’. Besides, do you like to hear the ‘’Woof’’ sound of a minor version of a puppy, contrary to the normal puppies? Why not! You truly like it. So, today I am going to introduce you to the cutest Puppy ever. Guess the type? I hope you can. What kinds of thoughts does your mind arise? Probably it is about Teacup Maltese.

It is a wonderful dog. If you have the intention of purchasing a Maltese, luckily you are in the right place. You do not have to reach for the other sites to learn about these baby Maltese’s. Everything about these puppies is written in this article. All you have to do is read the entire article to brush up your knowledge of Maltese. Well, let us begin.

So from this specific article about the Teacup Maltese, you will get to know about the lifestyle of them. So once you adopt no any questions might arise in your head. The methods of feeding, exercising, consulting the vet and the ways of caring are all given in here. This might look like a professional guide to you.

Teacup Maltese

Overview of the Teacup Maltese

Precisely, Teacup Maltese Puppy weighs around 4 lb, anyhow not more than that. Over the past years, these Maltese pups became very famous. They are white fluffy dogs, where anyone would look at them twice. Kids will surely fall in love with them, as well as adults. More than that they are very friendly, and have a loving nature. Compared to the other Teacup Puppies these Maltese have a very nice personality.  Normally the height is around 4 inches. There are many things to know about these cute Maltese.

Commonly, these Teacup Puppies are a bit expensive. How do you recognize them at first, whether this Puppy is from a good breeder?  The best breeders will not advertise their dogs. And they will perform all the necessary check-ups. Making the Maltese exercise is a must. You have to take the puppy for at least 20 minutes, if not they will get lethargic very soon.  And let the dogs have a play session as well. Give him small balls and toys to play. Most probably, they like to sit on the laps. Besides, if you have kids at home, be conscious. Because the kids might mess up with the puppies and get injured.

Did the Royals adopt Teacup Maltese’s?

Most often the Teacup Maltese have been seen in the laps of the British Royalty. Fortunately, these lucky puppies were in the hands of Queen Elizabeth and Queen Mary. They are always used to having the best food. In addition to that, they need 20% of the protein in their meals. Although feeding protein is a must, you must feed them in small portions. Despite the food, there are some other things for you to know about. The oils and fats provided for them should be in a range of 5%-10%.

One of the most important things you have to keep in mind about these Maltese are, they are subject to low blood sugar.  Therefore when feeding you have to feed them with small quantities. Anyhow these Maltese Puppies are very energetic and playful. The dog seems to be very happy when people are around.

The only color is White for the Maltese

These Teacup Maltese are very energetic and playful. Once they are in a new environment, they might be a little nervous. It is a very adorable dog. The cost of these Teacup Puppies is around $750 – $2000.

Always remember that, when you have stairs at home, you have to be very careful. Because these little Maltese cannot climb stairs. So if you have a two-story house, and if you need to take the puppy upstairs, carry him without letting the dog climb. Practice Puppy to liv

on the same floor without changing the places.

Health issues regarding the Maltese

As these Teacup Puppies are very small in size they have to undergo several health issues. One of the most common problems they face is Hypoglycaemia. So if you do not care about this thoroughly, the dog will face death. Therefore to manage the low blood sugar in them, they should be fed more than 3 times a day. By birth, these puppies are prone to dental problems.

So, most probably once a month, you have to do a full-body check-up? It will make you easy to recognize any diseases. As they are well known for their dental problems.  The owner should brush the teeth of the Teacup Maltese regularly and also use dental chews. Above all, keep in mind to take the dog to the dentist.

Other than that, there are few other diseases as well.  These cute Maltese are prone to respiratory, liver, and heart problems. All of these happen due to the small size of their bodies. So before buying a certain Teacup Puppy, the owner should fore seek the relevant vet bill to some extent, if not you will be in trouble. They have a lifespan of 12-15 years.

In conclusion

Teacup Dogs are naturally cuter than a Normal dog. Most of the Royals and other famous people have adopted such cute Maltese. They might be naughty a little. But still, they are loyal and sweet. When comparing the food, the Teacup Maltese require very high-quality food.  To maintain a beautiful coat, the owners should give them the ideal food for them.

These are the facts regarding Maltese pups. Therefore before purchasing a Teacup Puppy, you have to think a lot about your financial budget and your living area. Everything should fit for teacup Puppy. Give a peaceful home to your cute Maltese puppy.

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