Teacup fox terrier – What To Expect From This Unusual Mix Breed Dog

Teacup Toy fox terrier

Teacup Fox Terrier is derived from the Fox Terrier, but these small breeds are considered separately. They are also called as American Toy Terrier, but few call so. Basically, this toy Fox Terriers originated from the United States. Most probably they have an athletic appearance and muscular shape. Generally, they possess a white coat and a short tail.

The most attractive feature in them is their eyes are large and the ears are V-shapes, this attracts many people. The coat of them is not only white, it is mixed with several other colors such as black, tan and brown. The height of the Teacup Fox Terrier has a range of 9-12 inches. And the weight is about 3.5-5.5. At the same time, you must allocate a separate time to play with them. It is an essential part of them, and remember not to miss it. Let us see more about them in detail.

teacup fox terrier

Characteristics of the Toy Fox Terrier

Normally, these Teacup Fox Terriers have a habit of hunting little rats and mice. They do not get framed to hunt mice, but also they are used to hunt rabbits. Likewise, these Terriers have the ability to squeeze into small holes and catch animals. Therefore these dogs became an indispensable item for the farmers. The farmers were very fond of the Toy Fox Terriers, as they tribute a lot to the agricultural activities. Mostly in the urban areas of Australia, these Terriers have become domestic pets.

To sum up, these amazing Toy Fox Terriers do love kids very much. They always try to play with them as much as possible. Basically the owner must train the dog at the young stage, if not it would be impossible to train once it grows up. Once these Little Toy Fox Terriers grow up, they will try to get socialized even with the other dogs around. This will make them more active. Surely they will have a fun time with the other breeds.  The size of them does not matter once they are friendly with other animals.


Health Issues connected with the Fox Terriers

Generally, the Teacup Fox Terriers are healthy, and mostly they are not prone to diseases very often.  So if you are planning to adopt a little Toy Fox Terrier, you must get a health declaration from the relevant veterinarian. And also the little puppy must be well categorized from the place you are affording.  This helps you to raise a healthy little puppy because before you take the Fox Puppy home you are able to recognize the issues connected to the dog. Therefore be wise before taking it home. If not you will have to face a lot of trouble.

If you have raised a normal dog before adopting a Toy Fox Terrier, then you should not compare every activity with this little puppy. The Little Fox Terriers are totally different when associated with normal dogs. Actually they should be treated more thoroughly rather than the rest. The meal of the Teacup Fox Terrier takes a prominent place. It should be fully nutritious and at the same time, it should be a small quantity. Feeding too much is not necessary, as their stomachs are very small. And their meals should be provided 3 or 4 times a day. Remember not to miss the meals.


Training of Toy Fox Terriers

Probably if you train the teacup Fox Terrier, it will be able to herd livestock, have good obedience towards the family members and easily they can recognize robbers from strangers coming to your house. Mental stimulation is a major part of their lives, therefore you should avoid unnecessary habits. If you do not avoid those habits when they are young, they will definitely start digging everywhere and chewing everything they see. This is not a good practice. Even germs can enter into their bodies if these Toy Fox Terriers continue to do so.


The adaptability of the Teacup Fox Terrier

Once you bring a Little Teacup Fox Terrier, with the size of it, you might think you do not have to worry too much about it. But it is wrong, they are not only framed to live in apartments. Remember that they are very active dogs. Therefore, before you bring the dog home, arrange the necessary space for the Toy Fox Terrier. Make a separate bed and a pillow that is comfortable enough to stand even the coolest climates. And make sure that the bed is not in a too high place, it should be easy for the little puppy to get down from it easily without the help of others.

The other thing is, do not let the little Toy Fox Terrier jump out from high places. If you have a 2 or 3 story home, adapt him to the one floor. This would make the dog use things. If you change the places most often, then the dog might try to experience new things and may get hurt. Moreover, if you have small kids at home, you must have special care towards the dog, because they might try to play and kick the dog like the other dogs you had before. These actions might cause serious injury to the dog.

Tolerance of the Toy Fox Terrier

The Teacup Fox terriers might get a bit frustrated if they are left alone for many hours at home. So if it gets anxious, the dog might tear everything and bark loudly. These are some common features that these dogs do when they feel that they are not loved. They love to be with the family all the time.  During the winter seasons, the owners should not let the Toy Fox Terriers go out, because some dogs cannot stand the coldness. The same goes to the scorching sun, you must not put the dog to play when there is a lot of heat outside.

At last but not the least, now you are fully comprehensible about raising a Toy Fox Terrier. I do not think this is an easy task. Anyhow if you take care of the dog properly, you will achieve the desired results. Train the little Teacup Fox Terrier with all the good habits. Enjoy your time!

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