Teacup Brussels griffon – What Hybrids Are There for This Unique Breed?

Teacup Brussels griffon

Teacup Brussels griffon, A Typical dog? No. A Teacup dog? Yes. These are some of the preferences of many people. But nowadays lots of people have the intention of adopting a Teacup Puppy. Do you know why it is? One of the main reasons is, it requires a small space. as many people are used to living in apartments, the Teacup puppies’ suit well for their livelihood. We all love pets, don’t we? Except for a few.

Today, I am going to discuss the teacup Brussels griffon dogs. Let us see why these tiny puppies are very well known and why they are loved by many. The tiny griffon dogs belong to the Toy Group as they are so cute in size. They originated from Belgium. Possession of a distinctive beard and keen eyes make them look a little bit furious. Anyhow, these tiny Brussel griffon dogs take a leading step in companionship with people rather than the rest of the teacup puppies. Are they unique in character? Yes, somewhat. Well, let us get to know all those unique features in detail.

Teacup Brussels griffon

Overview of the Teacup Brussels griffon dogs

Are you a fan of the Teacup Brussels griffon dogs? If so, for sure you know a little about them. But if you do not know a single thing, I am here to explain everything about them. Obviously, you will become a great fan of those tiny Brussels griffon puppies. You will not only become a fan but will end up affording a griffon dog. Normally they possess black eyes and they are big. This pictures an expression human-like, but it seems quite charming.

Although the griffon dog seems a bit furious, it also has a little mustache and a fringed beard. Fantastically, this appearance brings them the look of an old man. By the way, these tiny Brussels dogs are a small package consisting of devotion, curiosity, and loyalty towards their masters. So if you need to know whether the Brussels dog is the perfect dog for you, carry on reading the rest.

The appearance of the Brussels griffon

Now, up to a certain level, you can imagine the real shape of them. Let us see them in detail here.  The tiny griffon has a height of 7-10 inches and weighs around 8-10 pounds. Muscular legs make them look stronger although they are tiny versions. Furthermore, the coat of the Brussels griffon dog is rough and smooth. The colors of the coat are mixed with 2 colors; black and red, brown and red, tan and black, and also sometimes only black. Surely, you will fall in love with the appearance of the dog.

The temperament of the griffon

As I said before, the Brussels griffon dogs are very loyal and truly devoted to the people who love them immensely. One of the main things that you should keep in mind is, once you bring a Teacup Brussel griffon home, never keep them alone for many hours. If this happens daily, the dog will surely be arrogant and will not listen to you as before. These dogs expect to take them wherever you go. It is a very easy task, due to the smaller size in them you can take them. A huge space is not needed, you can even put the griffon dog in a pocket.

There is a special thing to think about before raising a Teacup Brussel Griffon at your home. Because if you have small kids at home, it will be tough to maintain the tiny griffon dog. Even for the dogs, it might be big trouble. Kids might throw stuff at the dog and they might try to run fast and might break their bones. Even jumping from small heights is also dangerous for them. What more is there to know about the temperament of the teacup Brussels griffon dogs? There are more, let us see.

Shedding and Grooming

Fortunately, the teacup Brussels griffon dogs are very clever. The intelligence level is better when compared to the other teacup dogs. At the same time, they have a sense of protectiveness.  This is a good quality which is inherited in them. They even act as watchdogs. Isn’t this something we expect from a dog? Some people might think that these are Teacup dogs and they do not have such qualities. No, it is totally wrong, the Teacup Brussels griffon dogs are sometimes over-protective.

Over time, they are unaware that they are small. This intention might make the griffon dog fall into severe trouble. Because they might confront the other big breed dogs. So while training the tiny Brussels griffon dog, you must remember to socialize the dog. With that, many problems will be minimized.

Training the griffon dog

So the training of the dog is a must at a younger age. You cannot train well once it grows up. You can even control the barking with the training methods. If you are unable to train well, ask the help of a professional guide. Although the look of the Teacup Brussels griffon looks furious, actually they are very innocent and sensitive. Therefore never use harsh words or talk roughly at them. If you practice such negative intentions towards the dog you might not get the expected outcome. Accordingly, practice yourself to talk to the dog very lovingly and kindly. These positive actions will give you better results more than you ever expected.

So with the training, train them to have a good fitness level. Exercising is very essential. Make sure to allocate at least half an hour per day to take the Teacup Brussels griffon dog walk. Not only walking, but you can also add some playing sessions on your own premises. Small activities like catching balls would make them happier. Do not miss the walking session, because it benefits the dog a lot.

You must also remember to be alert about his health conditions. As these griffon dogs are very active dogs, they will not show up any symptoms at first. Therefore take the Teacup puppy to the vet at least once a month. So, if you follow these guidelines well, you will surely have a more joyful time with the tiny Brussels griffon dog. Have a wonderful time with your tiny griffon dog!

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