Teacup Boston terrier – Find out More About This Unusual Cross Breed

Teacup Boston terrier

Teacup Boston Terrier! Hello everybody, so as you are a Teacup Puppy lover you have come to the most expected place. There is a bewildering variety of Teacup Dogs, hence selecting a specific breed might be a little bit complex. We are here to ease your selection. However today you are here to catch up about these dogs. Let us see what kind of little dogs they are. Probably the terrier dogs are kept as lap dogs or companions.

They truly are very friendly dogs which helps you daily to bring a cheerful disposition throughout the day. So, if you have a single intention of adopting such a sweet puppy, you will have to gain more information about them. It is both good for you as well as the dog. Every bit of information regarding the little Teacup Boston terrier is provided to you here. C’mon, grab the facts as soon as possible.

Teacup Boston terrier

Overview of the Boston terrier dogs

The origin of the Teacup Boston terrier dog starts from the United States. And they weight 25lbs.  The life span of the little terrier dogs is about 10-11 years. But if you take care of the dog properly, then it will be able to expand the lifespan and live up to 15 years. This depends upon how the owner treats the dog. The coat of the sweet terrier puppy does not too much care but it is prone to several health diseases.  Black and white color are mixed with the color of the little Boston terrier dog. So, this gives an incredible look for them.

Does the Teacup Boston terrier dog suit you? We are here to help you with this issue.  We are going to discover each and everything related to the dog, therefore you can decide whether it is possible or not to maintain such a dog. Before planning everything, make sure about the spaciousness of your premises. A separate place should be allocated to the little Boston puppy before bringing it home.

Size of the Boston terrier dogs

Do you know the fully grown size of the Teacup Boston terrier dog? Officially these sweet terrier dog’s weight is categorized into 3 sections. The first is 20-25 pounds, and the second is 15-20 pounds and the third is under the weight of 15 pounds. There is a rule that once the Teacup terrier is fully grown up, it should not exceed the weight of 25 pounds. The little terrier weighs around 12 pounds. The height is about 15-17 inches. So, when considering the sizes of these dogs, there might occur a slight difference between the male and the female dogs.

Grooming and shedding 

Are you aware of the grooming and shedding procedure of the little Boston terrier dogs? This is something important to know. First and foremost, the coat of the sweet teacup Boston terrier dog is smooth, glossy, and short. The coat does not shed so much. And the owner must brush the coat of the little terrier at least twice a week.  And it should be a soft bristle brush.

Bathing the Teacup terrier is not needed constantly. It is also enough for one day per week. Nails should be trimmed at the correct time, if it does not happen at the relevant time several damages might happen. To sum up, the habit of tooth brushing should be done daily.

The personality of the little terrier dogs

This is a vital part of the little Boston terrier dogs. So let us find out the special personalities inherited from them. As we mentioned above, these Teacup terrier puppies are adopted as companion dogs. And are truly loyal towards the owners and the rest of the family.  These dogs seek a lot of human attention.  As always, they are ready to play with anybody. The main reason behind that is these terrier puppies are very active even from the very small stage. This creates a very joyful environment in a place where they live. Soon afterward, these little terrier dogs make friends. But they will never get fed up with playing.

Another fact about the Teacup Boston terrier dogs are, they always do not need outer space to play. Most of the time, playing indoor is totally enough for them. Consequently, they are fit to reside in apartments.  If you have children and family, adopting a terrier puppy is one of the most remarkable decisions you are going to take. Especially the children will have pure joy and ample mind relaxation once they get to play with the dog.

Health conditions related to these dogs

Health is Wealth; this condition applies to both humans and animals. So, diagnosing the health issues at an early stage is a good sign of the owner and the vet. This makes a healthy little Boston terrier dog. Although they are healthy, they still have some inherited diseases. But not all of them, only a few get affected by them. One main disease they are prone to be eye problems.  There are almost 20 types of eye problems connected to them.

At the same time, the owner must be aware of protecting the eyes of the Teacup Boston dog by not exposing the dog to too much heat, dust, or wind. It is also better if you keep eye drops when necessary. Eye problems are not the only issue they face. There are also joint and spine problems the little terrier suffers from. One of the prominent joint problems is named as luxating patella. Undoubtedly this is a hereditary condition.

At least, doing health testing for your terrier is compulsory twice a month. This will benefit you to protect the little Boston from future health-based issues. Raising a Teacup Boston terrier is not as easy as you think. Anyhow, if you follow the training rules and maintain guidelines properly, indeed you will be able to have an amazing time period.

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