Teacup Beagle Puppies: History, Facts, Personality, Temperament, & Care

Teacup Beagle

Beagles are very famous. Although they are very famous a little knowledge about Teacup Beagle.  So today I am here to present to you about the Teacup Beagles. The world of these tiny Beagles is adorable and amazing. Compared to the typical Beagles, the Teacup Beagles are 2 inches smaller. Anyhow, these tiny Beagles are intelligent, curious, and loving. The height of them is 11-12 inches and weighs around 15-18 lb.

when considering the Little Beagles lifespan, they live about 13-15 years. These kinds of small dogs are suitable for couples, singles, and families. The color variations include lemon and white, black and tan, tricolor, red, and white. You will never get fed up by raising such a little Beagle. Do you need to know much about them? Carry on your reading and get the most specific answers to all the questions which are arising in your mind.

Teacup beagle

The personality of Beagle

‘’Tailwaggers’’ have you heard this name before? Obviously, it is like a nickname for the Teacup beagle. What is the story behind that nickname for them? It is because they express their love towards everybody by wagging their little tail. They love to be the center of attention. From the past, these little Beagles are known to be curious, loyal, friendly, and intelligent. The special quality in them is they like to be independent rather than the other Teacup Dogs. This is a special quality possessed in the Teacup Beagles.

Unlike the other Teacup Puppies, Beagles can be left alone for some time. So, if you are going outside for 3 or 4 hours keep in mind to provide the necessary food and the toys for him. Then he will have a nice time until you come back home.  Another important point about them is, the owner has to socialize the Teacup Beagle unless it will chase out other pets if you own. This is a must, if not you will face lots of problems.  Therefore you have to show the Teacup Puppy all the animals, places, and smells and make it used to everything.

Some more facts to know about these puppies

The barking methods of the Little Beagles are classified into 3 types such as Baying, Howling, and Barking. Basically, these puppies are not meant to bark each and every time. They only bark when they need to grab attention or when they are bored. Unless these 2 reasons, they will not bark unnecessarily. Entertaining Beagle is partly required for you. It must be done daily, then only the little beagle will show up his love and intelligence to you.

By the way, you should also organize special tricks and games to energize the little teacup Beagle. With that, it will learn to practice his thinking methods. Most people might think these types of small activities are with no use. But that is totally wrong. Playing with Teacup Beagles will never waste your time. In addition to that, those fun activities will make your content and make the little Beagle more loyal towards you. Isn’t that what you hope from a dog!

How do you feed the Beagle?

The feeding process of the Teacup Beagles must be done with a proper time period. That is because they tend to overeat. It means, if you offer more food, they will eat as much as possible. They do not have limits. But it is the responsibility of the owner to provide only the required amount. Providing 3 meals a day is totally enough for them. For sure, overfeeding will lead to several health issues as well. This will even end up in diabetes. So be mindful when feeding.

Health problems regarding pocket Beagles

Compared to the health issues of other Teacup Puppies, these little beagles are less prone to diseases. In brief, they are healthy to some extent. Most probably they live up to 15 years.  But there are some common diseases they face. So I will describe it to you as follows. Intervertebral Disc Disease is the biggest problem they meet. From this disease, the tiny Beagles feel pain in their back when moving. With the aid of surgeries, it can be cured. But if you do not recognize it at an early stage, you will have to face many problems. Therefore if any simple mishap happens, consult the vet as soon as possible. Because at first, Beagle might not show its weaknesses.

The other disease these little Beagles face is the Congenital Heart Defects. This can even happen right after the birth of Teacup Puppy. But if you were able to diagnose it first, then you can save the little puppy. Mostly, this occurs at a very small stage.  The other disease is the Pulmonic Stenosis, this occurs inside the heart, where the connection to the heart becomes narrow. And moreover, it is likely to happen on the right side of the heart.  Therefore these kinds of serious diseases can happen due to the smaller size of their bodies.

Health issues regarding Beagles

The coat of the Teacup Beagle is very easy to maintain. Apart from bathing, the little Beagle can also be brushed to remove the dirt. You must maintain a separate brush for him. Unless there is dirt in its body, do not always try to bathe him.  Nails should be cut every 5-6 weeks. And it is something compulsory to do.

So in summary, the Teacup Beagle Puppy is the best puppy for one to possess. It even brings joy to your life and will surely make a big difference in your lives. We hope that you got all the information regarding a Teacup Beagle. It is not easy as you think to raise a Teacup Puppy, but if you follow the necessary recommendations it is very simple. And we are sure that you have brushed up your knowledge regarding Teacup Beagles through our article. Have a nice time with your amazing Teacup Beagle!

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